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Monday, 14 December

19.30 Panel Building, nourishing and growing a local community
21.30 DJ Show Lena Willikens & Merel Rhizoom

Tuesday, 15 December

19.00 Workshop Music rights & alternative income streams for independent artist
21.00 Live Act Peaking Lights
22.00 DJ Show DJ Marcelle & my name is not mata

Wednesday, 16 December

19.00 Workshop Finding funding: where to start?

Thursday, 17 December

19.00 Workshop Running a record label
22.00 DJ Show Victor Crezée & Mairo Nawaz

Friday, 18 December

19.00 Workshop Mixing and mastering: understanding the basics
20.00 DJ Show Cinnaman & Nala Brown
21.30 Live Act Arp Frique & Family
22.30 DJ Show Sandrien (house set) & Fafi Abdel Nour

Saturday, 19 December

19.00 Panel How clubs and festivals influence art and culture
20.30 Panel The Dutch music industry: what do we do next?
22.00 DJ Show Nymfo & Rachel Green

Sunday, 20 December

19.00 Panel Creativity amidst a pandamic
21.30 DJ Show Waxfiend & Beraber

Monday, 21 December

19.00 Panel Designing creative resistance and counter culture

Tuesday, 22 December

19.00 Workshop Running a radio station
21.00 Live Act De Ambassade
22.00 DJ Show Identified Patient & Gamma Intel

Wednesday, 23 December

20.00 DJ Show Intergalactic Gary & mad miran