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Monday, 14 December

12.00 Radio by Patta Soundsystem DJ SP
12.45 Radio by Patta Soundsystem DJ Abstract
13.45 Radio by Patta Soundsystem OWN (live)
14.00 Radio by Patta Soundsystem Waxfiend
15.00 Radio by Patta Soundsystem DJ Jah
16.00 Radio by Patta Soundsystem Mila V (live)
16.30 Radio by Patta Soundsystem Slimfit
17.30 Radio by Patta Soundsystem Livin Off The Land (live)
18.00 Radio by Patta Soundsystem Order Mothership
19.30 Panel Building, nourishing and growing a local community
20.30 Live Act Meetsysteem w/ Ray Fuego & Gijsje Heemskerk
21.30 DJ Show Lena Willikens & Merel Rhizoom

Tuesday, 15 December

12.00 Radio by Radio Radio LOLA
13.00 Radio by Radio Radio Monty
14.00 Radio by Radio Radio Nèna
15.00 Radio by Radio Radio Rey Colino
16.00 Radio by Radio Radio Eversines
17.00 Radio by Radio Radio Human Space Machine
18.00 Radio by Radio Radio Naone
19.00 Workshop Music rights & alternative income streams for independent artist
20.00 In Conversation With Jameszoo
21.00 Live Act Peaking Lights
22.00 DJ Show DJ Marcelle & my name is not mata

Wednesday, 16 December

12.00 Radio by Garage Noord Donker Tapes
13.10 Radio by Garage Noord DJ Corridor
14.20 Radio by Garage Noord Max Abysmal
15.30 Radio by Garage Noord Caline with C
16.40 Radio by Garage Noord Mickenik
17.50 Radio by Garage Noord Lulu
19.00 Workshop Finding funding: where to start?
20.00 Live Act Alberta Balsam
21.00 Films RE:VIVE x Dekmantel present Scores III

Thursday, 17 December

12.00 Radio by OOST MSJY
13.00 Radio by OOST DJ Boeing 747
14.00 Radio by OOST Selin
15.00 Radio by OOST DJ Leoni
16.00 Radio by OOST Long Bram
17.00 Radio by OOST Nathan Homan
18.00 Radio by OOST Fafi Abdel Nour
19.00 Workshop Running a record label
20.00 Live Act Altın Gün
21.00 Live Act Slagmann (Talismann w/ Slagwerk Den Haag & Heleen Blanken)
22.00 DJ Show Victor Crezée & Mairo Nawaz

Friday, 18 December

12.00 Radio by Rush Hour Boy Q
13.00 Radio by Rush Hour Coco Maria
14.00 Radio by Rush Hour Arp Frique (DJ-set)
15.00 Radio by Rush Hour Bonnefooi
16.20 Radio by Rush Hour Antal
17.40 Radio by Rush Hour Interstellar Funk
19.00 Workshop Mixing and mastering: understanding the basics
20.00 DJ Show Cinnaman & Nala Brown
21.30 Live Act Arp Frique & Family
22.30 DJ Show Sandrien (house set) & Fafi Abdel Nour

Saturday, 19 December

12.30 Radio by MONO Charmaine
13.30 Radio by MONO Feurich
14.30 Radio by MONO Fatima Ferrari
15.30 Radio by MONO Giaderza
16.30 Radio by MONO Soft Break
17.30 Radio by MONO Mo Jakob
19.00 Panel How clubs and festivals influence art and culture
20.30 Panel The Dutch music industry: what do we do next?
22.00 DJ Show Nymfo & Rachel Green

Sunday, 20 December

12.00 Radio by IsBurning Carlos Valdes
13.00 Radio by IsBurning Sanja
14.00 Radio by IsBurning DJ Pure
15.00 Radio by IsBurning JP Enfant
16.00 Radio by IsBurning Mirella Kroes
17.00 Radio by IsBurning TITIA
18.00 Radio by IsBurning AFRA
19.00 Panel Creativity amidst a pandamic
20.30 In Conversation With DJ Marcelle
21.30 DJ Show Waxfiend & Beraber

Monday, 21 December

12.00 Radio by Bureau Punt Sekan
13.30 Radio by Bureau Punt Lion Kojo
15.00 Radio by Bureau Punt AMPFEMININE
17.00 Radio by Bureau Punt Jerrausama
18.00 Radio by Bureau Punt Bao G
19.00 Panel Designing creative resistance and counter culture
20.30 Live Act Parrish Smith w/ Nikki Hock
21.30 DJ Show STERAC & Deniro

Tuesday, 22 December

12.00 Radio by Future Intel Waterballet (live)
12.45 Radio by Future Intel Mary
14.00 Radio by Future Intel Post Ave
15.00 Radio by Future Intel dj dorien
16.00 Radio by Future Intel Job Sifre
17.00 Radio by Future Intel Tammo Hesselink
18.00 Radio by Future Intel Coco Bryce
19.00 Workshop Running a radio station
20.00 In Conversation With Cinnaman
21.00 Live Act De Ambassade
22.00 DJ Show Identified Patient & Gamma Intel

Wednesday, 23 December

12.00 Radio by Minor AM Haron
13.00 Radio by Minor AM MAYO
14.30 Radio by Minor AM Jasmín
16.00 Radio by Minor AM RAFF
17.00 Radio by Minor AM Nathan Kofi
18.00 Radio by Minor AM Elias Mazian
19.00 Live Act Animistic Beliefs w/ Jeisson Drenth pres. CACHE/SPIRIT
20.00 DJ Show Intergalactic Gary & mad miran
21.30 Live Act upsammy w/ Diego Grandry