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Interview Slikback's Kaleidoscopic Dance Floor Rhythms

Over the past two years, Kenyan-producer Slikback, aka Freddy Njau, has transcended from making tunes at Boutiq Studios in Kampala to sharing his gleefully genre-swerving sounds around the world.

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Feature Key tracks of this year's Tisno get-together

With the summer over and the winter approaching rapidly, the memories of those warm days of Dekmantel Selectors are nestling snugly into the back of our minds. Reminiscing of the festival and the sets we heard, we caught up with some of the artists to go over the memorable moments of their sets.

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Podcast RA Exchange with Leroy Burgess

“Allow your work to speak for you and you won’t have to say much.” — Spot on statement by the legendary Leroy Burgess during the Resident Advisor Exchange talk at this year's Dekmantel Festival. If you’re interested in more wisdom from the seminal disco vocalist, this podcast is a must listen.


Thank You Listen back to the Dekmantel Tapes

To every single person that danced, played, staffed and enjoyed Dekmantel Festival 2019: here is a gift of gratitude. Presenting the DF2019.1-3 cassette mixes, from a select batch of our favourite DJs. Hope they tide you over until next time...